Municiplization, The First Step to Bring LIPA Back Under Control

Shelly Sackstein
co-Chairman LIPA Oversight Committee

While the ratepayers of Long Island should be angry in connection with the estimated $1 Million loss (or cost) of the materials they have had to pay for, that is a small amount in relation to the $6 billion dollar Shoreham cost and the $3 billion dollar illegally bestowed Management Services Agreement (MSA). 

The timely issue to be addressed is when will all the LI ratepayer’s finally reach out to their elected officials, starting with  Governor Cuomo and then moving on to the local  level, to register their upset and demand a change in the LI energy balance of power.

Will they wait until it is too late and then complain when they get stuck with yet another increased LIPA bill.

This moment may well be their last chance for decades, to reshape the energy future of LI.

Given what we have lived through in the world of LIPA, and given that the current LIPA management has not done a terrific job of monitoring and administering operations, and now appears to be focused on keeping much of the current structure intact, perhaps they are sending a signal to LI ratepayers that they need our help and would welcome a change.

They and the Board of Trustees are poised to make some monumental decisions in relation to the structure of what LIPA could be.

It is apparent, looking back at the blunders over the past 10 plus years, the signal from their Chairman that they were giving consideration to a model of privatization, and the cobbling together of a Servco model, that they could use a little outside guidance.

Could it be that all these missteps are merely intentional, a tactical withdrawal and cry for help.

Perhaps the ploy is too subtle to be recognized, and that LI ratepayers and LI itself must to be subjected to energy cost ruin before we finally get the message.

It is my considered opinion that it is time for the ratepayers of LI to take the bait and step directly into the path of the decision-making process, and take control of their energy future.

The ratepayers should consider a Municipal structure, an elected Board of Trustees, and a thank you to those who have tried to serve them well.

The ratepayers need to know what is going on, understand what is at stake, and collectively not be shy about letting their demands be known.


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