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About lipaoversight

LIPA Oversight Committee was created to analyze the rates and practices to determine if it is working in the best interests of the Suffolk County ratepayers
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Newdays recent article about patronage at LIPA is certainly not new news to anyone. Action Long Island (ALI) has for years called for a human resource audit to be performed at LIPA.
    We have always believed. and stated clearly at public meetings, that LIPA was LI’s energy world equivalent of Off-Track betting.
    LIPA as an operating entity has always been a wasted and underutilized ratepayer asset.
    Had LIPA been structured correctly from the outset, the ratepayers would never have been saddled with the Shoreham debt, would have owned the generating plants, and the transmission and distribution system.
    The illegal no-bid Managment Services Agreement (MSA) would never have happened, and it would not have been illegally extended.
    Now LIPA should clean house, hire management people with energy world experience, set aside the new MSA with PSE&G, shorten the term of the new 15 year Power Supply Agreement, enter directly into a contract with the people who actually do the work, and build new power plants that will be owned by the ratepayers- operated by Independant Power Producers under lease through a competitive bidding process.
    This structure produces direct management by LIPA, eliminates the potential communication problems and profit of the MSA middleman, gives ownership and control of the power plants to the ratepayers, and for the first tiime brings energy rate competition to Long Island.

    Sheldon R. Sackstein, Chairman
    Action Long Island
    Former LIPA Trustee-(appointed by Gov. Mario Cuomo)
    Vice-chairman Suffolk County Legislature LIPA Oversight Committee

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