The results of a News12 poll conducted by Hofstra on LIPA customer satisfaction were released today and LIPA approval ratings are about 50%. This is more bad news for the utility yet not unexpected.
Just recently 2 more extensive surveys on LIPA performance were issued by J D Power Associates and a group from the University of Michigan. Both those surveys confirmed the Hofstra results and found the LIPA customer satisfaction rating to be in the %50 to 60% range. This placed LIPA near the bottom in terms of customer approval compared to other utilities in the nation.
It is a standard practice for utilities to routinely measure customer satisfaction and generally an 80 to 90% level is considered very good. Obviously the approval rating found by Hofstra, as well as JD Power and the University of Michigan, is far below this and contradicts numbers generated by LIPA’s own internal surveys. It also suggests that something is very wrong with the utility’s current structure and mode of operation.
Interestingly, the Hofstra poll also found that there is a significant preference by customers for LIPA to be regulated by the Public Service Commission. This is also not surprising with LIPA charging among the highest rates in the country. Long Islanders are crying out for third party oversight of the utility and assurances that they are not being overcharged.
For LIPA to overcome these findings, serious changes are needed at the utility. Full municipalization might be the answer.


About lipaoversight

LIPA Oversight Committee was created to analyze the rates and practices to determine if it is working in the best interests of the Suffolk County ratepayers
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  1. Charles A. Hersh says:

    Of course customer satisfaction is low. LIPA continues to opperate innefficiently wasting fuel, charge us for a defunct nuclear power plant and overpay taxes on those same innefficient power plants. Even Michael Hervey, the COO of LIPA admits this but they won’t change. Instead they want to raise our rates even more with expensive unreliable renewable wind and solar projects. They don’t care at all about their customers. Let the PSC scrutinize LIPA and its operations. They operate like fifedom instead of a business and this needs to stop.

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