LIPA Is Quick To Pull Trigger On Storm Preparedness But Will Unnecessarily Cost Rate Payers Millions

Again as for Hurricane Earl, LIPA is bringing in outside crews in advance of Irene striking  LI. This is contrary to standard utility practice, very ineffective and costly, as the $34 million spent on Earl will attest. Note that Con Ed to protect customer interests will wait for the storm to hit before bringing in out-of-state crews.
Having large numbers of foreign line crews on LI before Irene hits serves little purpose because the first hours after a storm are taken up with assessing the damage, producing a plan for restoration and clearing away debris to provide access for making repairs. Also, in the initial restoration after a storm, available crews concentrate on substations, transmission and equipment so the greatest number of people can be put back in service in the shortest amount of time.
A larger workforce becomes needed and more productive in the days following the onset of the storm when the restoration process moves to the neighborhoods and streets of individual customers. This phase of restoration proceeds more slowly and that is when employing out-of-state workers expedites things and makes more sense.
LIPA’s costly approach on prematurely importing storm workers to LI may have some public relations value but it is not going to materially speed up the repair process, which is why many other utilities do not do the same thing. Now that the decision has been made, however,it is hoped  this strategy will produce some positive results for Long Islanders, but history suggests it is unlikely.


About lipaoversight

LIPA Oversight Committee was created to analyze the rates and practices to determine if it is working in the best interests of the Suffolk County ratepayers
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One Response to LIPA Is Quick To Pull Trigger On Storm Preparedness But Will Unnecessarily Cost Rate Payers Millions

  1. johnbirch says:

    And they just sit around in Hotels for days waiting. By the time they can be used they go home…..

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